Kindergarten Lottery information

What is this?
I was curious about how the Champaign Unit 4 School District assigned students via the "Controlled Choice" program. So I started asking questions; questions that started with "how does it work?" and led to me getting curious about the technical details of how Dr. Alves of Enrolledu takes registration information and smashes all the logistics into a program that churns out assignments. When I asked for the low-level detail, my request became a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), and eventually a comprehensive spreadsheet was delivered to me. This website is a front-end to view the the data from that spreadsheet, which is now housed in a database.

So what do I do now?
Click on the buttons to the left! *grin*
You can view the data that I think best answers the given the question. If you want to pose another question (ie, query), please let me know and I'll add it. Also note that you can get a synopsis/explanation of the question and related data by clicking on the [?] near the question.

New (08Sep)
I finally got around to adding truly dynamic query ability - I provide a sample query, and you can take it from there. Have fun. =)

Thanks to the fine folks at DynamicTables, I am now using some cool table sorting options. Visit his site to get the skinny, or just click on the column headers in the table data. Unfortunately, it appears the javascript is broken for IE8 (have not tried other versions, yet). Seems to work in FireFox and Chrome. Now it looks like the TEXT link is working fine.

How do I download the spreadsheet?
You have a couple different options.

Disclaimers and apologies
I am a database person, not a web-designer. I tried to make this look nice, but realize it has a long way to go before it could even be considered half-way decent to look at. Also, I am not affiliated with Unit 4 at all, so take this data with a huge grain of salt; by no means should this data be considered authoritative. But if you do end up filing your FOIA and compare the data to what you see here, I would lay bets they would be strikingly similiar. *smile*

For the curious, technical information is also available.
Big shout out for Gordy Hulten, who provided the server-space for this site.